Anesthesia: Its advantages and risks for human health


  • Rachel Naranjo Vázquez de Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
  • Dayana Margarita Palomino Caballero Specialist 1st Degree in Intensive and Emergency Medicine & Hospital General Dr. Juan Bruno Zayas, Cuba
  • Celestina Lourdes Ricoy Pérez Universidad de Oriente, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba


anesthesia, human health, local anesthesia, medical practice, risk


All the types of anesthesia that are applied, it is the local one of the most interesting, because it is most often used in medical practice. As any procedure has its risks and is that you have to take into account the area of application, as well as the adverse and toxic effects that would bring its administration in inappropriate doses. In this sense, the purpose of the research is to promote an academic reflection related to the use and proper application of local anesthetics to avoid possible complications in the health of patients. To this end, a thorough bibliographic review was carried out, where 65 bibliographic documents containing scientific articles were analyzed, as well as updated literature on the subject. It was concluded that it is necessary for the health professional to have a vast knowledge about the correct use and proper application of local anesthetics to avoid unwanted effects on human health. The scientific value of the work lies in the very nature of the subject studied, since its study is an urgent challenge for health professionals, while the results offered can be a valid starting point to undertake new research to deepen and expand the knowledge related to the use and application of anesthetic agents in medical practice.


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