The significance of D-dimer investigation in Iraqi children with COVID-19

Cross sectional study


  • Raed Khudhair Farhan M.B.Ch.B./ F.I.C.M.S./Pediatrician/ Children and Maternity Teaching Hospital/ Department of Pediatrics/ Al-Diwaniyah Province/ Iraq
  • Ahmed Jawad Kadhim Al Abdullah M.B.Ch.B./ F.I.C.M.S./Pediatrician/ Afak Hospital/ Department of Pediatrics/ Al-Diwaniyah Province/ Iraq
  • Mundher Abdzaid Shamhood M.B.Ch.B./ F.I.C.M.S./Pediatrician/ Al-Hamza Hospital/ Department of Pediatrics/ Al-Diwaniyah Province/ Iraq


D-dimer, Iraqi Children, COVID-19


Background: The proportion of children affected with COVID-19 accounted for approximately 1 to 2 % of all infected cases and the disease often follows a mild to moderate disease. Increased coagulation and events that are thrombotic were repeatedly recorded in adult patients with COVID-19. Nevertheless, till now, there is no consensus about thrombotic events in children in published articles. Aim of the study: to make evaluation of d-dimer level in children with COVID-19 and the rate of thrombotic complications. Patients and methods: The present research that is of cross sectional type was carried out in Children and Maternity Teaching Hospital in Al-Diwaniyah Province, Iraq. The study included 168 children with COVDI-19 proved by positive RT-PCR results following nasopharyngeal swabs. The age ranged from one month up to 15 years and the study included 77 girls and 91 boys. Results: The current study included 168 children affected by COVID-9. The median level of d-dimer in those enrolled children was 0.3 µg/ml with a range of 0.05 to 11 µg/ml. According to a cutoff value of > 0.05 µg/ml, children were categorized into 73 (43.5 %) cases as having high d-dimer level and 95 (56.5 %) as having normal d-dimer level.


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