Prevalence of Shoulder pathologies in Cairo and Qalubiya, Egypt

Hospital based cross sectional study


  • Sara Mohamed Samir Lecturer of Physical Therapy, Department of Physical Therapy for Musculoskeletal disorders and it`s Surgery, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University, Egypt
  • Sabah Mohamed Elkady Lecturer of Physical Therapy, Basic Science Department, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University, Egypt
  • Usama M. Rashad Professor of Physical therapy, Department of Physical Therapy for Neurology, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Galala University, Egypt
  • Asmaa Foad AbdelMonem Lecturer of Physical Therapy, Department of Biomechanics, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University, Galala University, Egypt
  • Doaa A. Osman Department of Physical Therapy for Woman’s Health, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt and Department of Physical Therapy for Woman’s Health, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Delta University for Science and Technology, Gamasa, Egypt
  • Adel Motawea El-Sayed Zedan Lecturer of Physical Therapy, Department of Physical Therapy for Musculoskeletal disorders and it`s Surgery, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Benha University, Egypt


shoulder pathologies, hospital, pathological conditions


Background: Pathological conditions of the Shoulder joint are very common as the shoulder is the most freely movable joint in the body (and hence the most unstable). These conditions can lead to pain and disability that affect individuals socially and economically. Purpose: This study was conducted to identify the prevalence and characteristics of shoulder pathologies in two main hospitals in two Egyptian governorates as up to researchers’ knowledge, no previous epidemiological studies of shoulder conditions attending orthopedic physical therapy outpatient clinics have been carried out in Egypt, so the current study  provides valuable information about diseases’ burden for researchers and healthcare policy makers, thus assisting in disease prevention , identifying health economic models and establishing guidelines. Methodology: A hospital- based record study was made for 1633 patients, 101 patients of them were suffering from shoulder pathologies, data were collected from patients’ referral records to orthopedic physical therapy outpatient clinics in two hospitals (Kasr Aini educational hospital) (KA) in Cairo and (Benha educational hospital) in Qalubiya – Egypt, that are reviewed from the first of January 2019 to 31 December 2019. Demographic characteristics including (gender, affected side) and different types of pathologies were described. 


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