Harmonics influence on power and energy measurements

  • Armando E. Garcia Trujillo Universidad Politecnica de La Habana, Cujae. Faculty of Electrical Engineering, La Habana, Cuba
Keywords: energy control, harmonics, MATLAB simulation, measurement, nonlinear loads


To carry out the control and trade of electric energy, power and energy meters are used profusely. This article discusses the differences in the power and energy readings of the measuring instruments of different types and their use for the control of the quality of the supply and consumption of electrical energy. The contradictions of these readings are analyzed when measured in consumers of non-linear loads, generators of harmonics, and of linear loads, consumers of them. Simulation methods are used to show how harmonic propagation occurs in the system. MATLAB Simulink is used as a method of simulation with generating harmonics loads and linear loads. It analyzes how the parameters of the energy quality of the consumers can be affected and it is proposed to use the measurement of the active power of the harmonics as a means of control and penalization.


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