Fear of failure: psychological actions for control in santiagueros school pessimist

  • Yoanni Castelnau Díaz Universidad de Oriente, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
  • Ana Celia Mataran Torres Universidad de Oriente, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Keywords: competitions, fear of failure, psychological, sports performance, weightlifting


This paper summarizes the results of an investigation carried out with weightlifters of the 15-16 years category of the EIDE "Captain Orestes Acosta" of Santiago de Cuba. From the application of methods and techniques such as observations to training and competitions, semi-structured interviews to athletes and coaches, Inventory of Evaluation of the Error in performance, Attitude Test for Competition, the Inventory of Psychological Performance, as well as the review of documents and statistical records of coaches, among others; it was found that these athletes did not achieve the successful realization of the lifts, manifesting in them a high level of tension, generating insecurity, nervousness, among other negative psychological manifestations that affected the athlete's performance, associated with irrational or maladaptive beliefs and thoughts. To help solve this problem, an action plan was implemented that involved the psychologist, coaches, athletes, and family members. It was an open, flexible, participatory, group, practical and experiential. Its effectiveness was proven from the cognitive restructuring of dysfunctional ideas and thoughts that hinder the achievement of adequate sports performance.


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