Fruitful or empty talks: Analyzing political talk shows before the national election of Bangladesh



Bangladesh, empty talks, national election, political, talk shows


Talk shows especially political talk shows are very popular in Bangladesh. Just before the national election of 2018, political talk shows were undoubtedly important in shaping public opinion and establishing political discourses. This research took that time period into consideration to understand the role talk show has played in that extremely intimidating political environment. The research aims to identify the commodifying nature of Bangladeshi television talk shows and explores the political talk shows of that time to understand the way talk shows dealt with politics. For this, the research utilizes a qualitative method employing a textual analysis of the talk shows. The research found political talk shows less concerned about constructive discussions and more concerned about lucrative presentations and sponsor demands. Arguments are appreciated more than reaching an agreement. This research concludes finding politics extremely commodified through political talk shows and recommended seeking solutions rather than just addressing problems.


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