Intra-family conflict in Nepal: result of a game between doing and getting done



intra-family conflict, perceived conflict, manifest conflict, intergenerational conflict, dyadic conflict


The main purpose of this attempt is to outline the avenues for future studies on the intra-family conflict through a review of relevant literature. The aim of the present study is to examine the relations due to intra-family conflict as the result of a game between 'doing' and 'getting done' in Nepal. Secondary data through descriptive design is used in search of conceptual clarity that intra-family conflict refers to problems, oppositions, or differences that occur within the family set up. The present paper tries in a non-technical way to discuss the basic notions of the game theory under the aspect of social sciences. Different reviewed studies are helpful for representing many factors that should be considered for their potential to investigate the family conflict. A better understanding of intra-family conflict needed both to prevent conflict and enable improved management of it.  The potential way to get new knowledge underneath the game would be the process to accommodate the conflict between ‘doing’ and ‘getting done’ through the concerned review is the crux of this study.


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