Susceptibility to landslides in Los Angeles campus: Southern State University of Manabi

  • Arturo Andres Hernandez Escobar Ph.D. in Pedagogical Sciences Universidad Estatal del sur de Manabi, (UNESUM), Jipijapa, Manabi, Ecuador
  • Luis Gerardo Sandoval Santos Environmental Engineer, Universidad Estatal del sur de Manabi, (UNESUM), Jipijapa, Manabi, Ecuador
  • Carlos Gustavo Villacreses Viteri MsC. Head, Dean and Associate Professor, Faculty of Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Universidad Tecnica de Manabi, Portoviejo, Ecuador
  • Maria Rodriguez Gamez Ph.D. Strategies and Planning of the territory, Universidad Tecnica de Manabi, Portoviejo, Ecuador
  • Yamel de las Mercedes Alvarez Gutiérrez MsC. Environmental Administration, Universidad Estatal del Sur de Manabi, (UNESUM), Jipijapa, Manabi, Ecuador
Keywords: geographic information systems, lithodemic units, sliding, susceptibility, winter season


This research is of the correlational - explanatory type, based on the heuristic method, applying the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a tool, to obtain thematic maps and final susceptibility, considering its fundamental objective the evaluation of the areas susceptible to landslides. Through the spatial zoning of the "Los Angeles" campus of the "Southern State University of Manabí". The analysis of the variables of the conditioning factors, allowed recognizing three categories of susceptibility in the Los Angeles campus (High, Medium and Low), where lithological units converge as sandy clay, clay, and silts tone, steep slopes (over 50°), cuts of slopes devoid of some kind of protection, deforested and highly eroded soils. This implies that there is a likelihood of new affectations, which is why local risk management plans must be developed.


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Escobar, A. A. H., Santos, L. G. S., Viteri, C. G. V., Gamez, M. R., & Gutiérrez, Y. de las M. A. (2019). Susceptibility to landslides in Los Angeles campus: Southern State University of Manabi. International Journal of Life Sciences, 3(1), 1-11.
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