Sensory playful corners on stimulation of children from one to three years

  • Rosa Delfina Giler Giler Instituto Superior Tecnológico Paulo Emilio Macías, Ecuador
  • Telly Yarita Macías Zambrano Instituto Superior Tecnológico Paulo Emilio Macías, Ecuador
  • Fabián Enrique Vera Anzules Instituto Superior Tecnológico Paulo Emilio Macías, Ecuador
  • Veronica Del Pilar Zambrano Burgos Instituto Superior Tecnológico Paulo Emilio Macías, Ecuador
Keywords: childhood, corners, playful, sensory, stimulation


Despite the growing tendency to create playful corners on the part of the MIES and the MINEDUC, in the CDI there continues to be an urgent need for change in the actions of the educators, with respect to how the subject of sensory activities is being handled in the stimulation of children in their first years of life and thus implement meaningful learning, the problem focuses on the lack of sensory playful corners in perceptual stimulation The study was applied to 20 educators of 5 care units of the modality Child Development Center (CDI) of several rural sectors of the Portoviejo canton, having as objective to determine the use of sensory playful corners in the stimulation of children from 1 to 3 years. The results of this work showed that there are no sensory playful corners and that educators lack knowledge about the importance of creating these spaces and making them available to children for their learning, reaching the conclusion that there is a need to create an innovative guide with content sessions, skills, play materials for the corners of visual, auditory, gustatory, olfactory and tactile perception.


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