Revitalization of oral literature tradition of Balinese society based character values as deradicalism effort


  • I Made Suarta Indonesian and Local Language Studies Program, IKIP PGRI Bali-Indonesia


Balinese literature, Deradicalism, Oral literature, Radicalism seeds, Revitalization


The present study was to discuss the importance of revitalizing Balinese literature towards the children from an early age as an alternative against the radicalism seeds. Indonesian currently has a very serious problem, one of them was the growing understanding of radicalism that has a potential to threaten the sovereignty of the nation and the state of Indonesia. The radicalism idea must be soon opposed to the noble values contained in the oral literary tradition. On the early inculcation of the oral literary tradition for children, it could affect psychology and characterize the child who was oriented towards the noble values of culture in which the oral literature was born. Regarding the growth of children's awareness of the noble values of culture consist of in an oral literature, unlike the ethical and religious teachings, the inclusion chances of radicalism for the children were very small. Therefore, the lofty values of the oral literary tradition were defensive and attack. It defined defense on the radicalism onslaught and attack behind the radicalism idea.


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