The role of audio visual aids in teaching English


  • Mohanad Abdulkareem Waad Alnoor University College, Iraq
  • Rand Zuhair Younus Alnoor University College, Iraq


audio visual, teaching English, learning process


The present study aims at showing the role of audio-visual aids used in teaching English as well as investigating the effect of audio- visual aids in teaching English. Audio-Visual aids are materials used by the teacher in order to facilitate the teaching and learning process. Audio-Visual aids are those instructional devices that are used in the classroom to encourage learning and make it easier and more interesting. The results of this research show that audio-visual aids help our students in verbalization. But most teachers do not use these aids which have great educative value. These are not ordinary materials rather these are teaching materials. Audiovisual aids give direct sensory experience to the students.


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