Assessment of hormonal profile with the genetic variation in different breeds of falcon in Iraq


  • Draid Niama Madhi Department of Surgery and Obstetric, Collage of Veterinary Medicine, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Saad Akram Hatif Department of Surgery and Obstetric, Collage of Veterinary Medicine, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq


Falcon, testosterone, falcon, androgen receptor gene, sequencing


This study was conducted to assessment the hormonal assay in the reproductive season of falcon in Iraq in the period duration between January to April, the animal used different breeds Saker falcon _ Falco peregrinus –and Falco tinnunculus), due to selection of breeding used in the reproduction .The objective of study was to characterize the level of testosterone hormone related with the androgen receptor gene polymorphism between deferent breeds of falcon. Blood samples were collected from metatarsal vein of males. Testosterone level recorded 9.15 ±0.74 ng, 9.23 ±0.58 ng, and 8.75 ±0.37 ng in the Falco peregrinus, gives at the result revealed significant differences between the breeds in the periods of season, initial ,middle ,and later subsequently. The molecular results revealed the polymorphism in the Falco tinnunculus. The genotype and allele frequency in the Falco peregrines and Flco Saker significantly at* (P≤0.05) in all genotypes the allele gives 4 (100%) to 0 (0%) in another one, while deferent read between genotypes in the Falco tinnunculus (P≤0.05), NS: Non-Significant, in the GG to TT, GG to AA, CC to GG, GG to AA, 2 (50%) and TT to GG at 1 (25%)


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