Demography of degenerative arthropathy and regenerative medicine in santiaguero sport


  • Viviana Romero Vidal Centro Provincial de Medicina Deportiva (CEPROMEDE), Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
  • Niurka Aurora Ali Pérez Banco de Sangre Provincial, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
  • Rosa Julia Robinson Rodríguez Universidad de Ciencias Médicas. Facultad de Medicina No. 2 Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
  • Karenia León Munive Banco de Sangre Provincial, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba


arthropathy, degenerative, regenerative medicine, sports injury, steoarthrosis


This research uses regenerative medicine in degenerative arthropathy for sport, intending to demographically evaluate this population, general variables, and individuals of interest were assessed. In the percentage statistical analysis for the interpretation of results was obtained from the general variables, the predominance for males in the group of former athletes in the age range of 41 to 50 years, grade II of knee ostearthrosis as the region of anatomical location, and the most affected degree, the time of manifestation of the disease the eldest of the year of evolution, the over-use as an incidence factor for the onset of injury in the group of most affected sports treated, and as a treatment of implanted regenerative medicine most employed platelet-rich plasma (PRP). In particular variables of interest, the predominance in training, and the training cycle for the occurrence of the injury, and the competitive stage for athletes, and the general stage for former athletes, was obtained from the location for the occurrence of the injury.


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Vidal, V. R., Pérez, N. A. A., Rodríguez, R. J. R., & Munive, K. L. (2020). Demography of degenerative arthropathy and regenerative medicine in santiaguero sport. International Journal of Health Sciences, 4(3), 20-31.



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