The relationship on health education against anxiety concerning COVID-19 transmission


  • Najman Najman Batari Toja Nursing Academy, Indonesia
  • Kistan Kistan Batari Toja Nursing Academy, Indonesia
  • Ita Novianti Batari Toja Watampone Midwifery Academy, Indonesia


anxiety and COVID-19, education, elderly, health, transmission


Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) is a type of virus that is transmitted from human to human and directly attacks the respiratory system. This virus is a pandemic, a severe world problem because it is increasing every day. Attacking everyone regardless of age, gender, or nationality. The rapid increase and the increasing number of cases of death due to COVID-19 have had a negative impact in every aspect of life with changes in new habits both from an economic, social, religious, and psychological perspective. From a psychological perspective, mental anxiety and stress can affect health, especially vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly. This study To determine the relationship between health education and elderly anxiety about the transmission of COVID-19 in Pappolo Village, the working area of ??the Blue Puskesmas, Bone Regency. This study used a one-group quasi-experimental research design—pretest-posttest. The sample was 150 respondents. The sampling was purposive, and the data were collected utilizing a questionnaire. The data were analyzed using the SPSS version 23 statistics and univariate and bivariate analysis with t – dependent or T Paired statistical tests and presented in the form of a frequency distribution table.


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