Vol 2 No 1: April 2018 (In Progress)


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Published: 2018-04-01

Use of Concrete Debris

Ramona Panchana De Calderero, María José Calderero Panchana, Danny Moreira Lectong, Eduardo Humberto Ortiz Hernández

pages : 1-12

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Social Impact of Renewable Energy Sources in the Province of Loja

Julio Cesar Hernández Chilán, Stalin Geovanny Paucha Torres, Byron Ignacio Fernández Machuca, Anthony Joel Tandazo Cordova, Carlos Alfredo Mendoza Pérez, Maria Rodriguez Gámez

pages : 13-25

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A House A Small Company

Cesar Armando Mendoza Palma, Antonio Vázquez Pérez, María Rodríguez Gámez, Luis Tony Muñoz Torres

pages : 26-34

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