Interpersonal society of Satria Dalem

  • Ida Bagus Brata Vice Dean III in FKIP. Mahasaraswati University, Denpasar, Indonesia
  • A.A. Gde Putra Pemayun Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics Undiknas University, Denpasar, Indonesia
Keywords: Community members, Interpersonal society, Satria dalem, Self-concept, Society


This study examines "Interpersonal Society between offspring of satria dalem with the community in Tohpati Village Klungkung Bali. Interpersonal Society Skill is a skill that individuals must take in interacting with individuals in interacting with other individuals or groups of individuals. Interpersonal skills are what one uses when communicating and dealing with others face to face. Society implies that society is essential for building self-concept, for survival, self-actualization, to gain happiness, avoiding stress and dependence, among others through entertaining society, and fostering relationships. Through social society can work together with community members (families, study groups, universities, village environment, city, and the country as a whole) to achieve common goals. Problems in this research: how to implement interpersonal society between offspring satria dalem with society in Tohpati Village Klungkung Bali. The purpose of this research is to know and describe interpersonal society within the community in Tohpati Village Klungkung Bali. This research uses the descriptive qualitative method, by using proportional sampling technique consisting of the family head of satria dalem with the society in Tohpati Village Klungkung Bali. The results of this study show that the people of satria dalem descent and the people who live in Tohpati Village have implemented good interpersonal society implementation including: openness, mutual support, positive behavior, empathy and equality, it is proven that all citizens are united in advancing Tohpati Village Klungkung Bali, proven human development index is increasing due to mutual trust, there is togetherness, warmth, comfort feel valued in doing their respective tasks to build the forward Tohpati Village Klungkung.


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