Management of the nursing processes of internal students in the confrontation of the COVID-19

  • María del Rosario Herrera Velázquez Universidad Estatal del Sur de Manabí, Jipijapa, Manabí, Ecuador
  • Jair Fernando Sánchez Bravo Universidad Estatal del Sur de Manabí, Jipijapa, Manabí, Ecuador
  • Cindy Lisbeth Pico Bermúdez Universidad Estatal del Sur de Manabí, Jipijapa, Manabí, Ecuador
  • Pedro Roger Villacreses Mendoza Universidad Estatal del Sur de Manabí, Jipijapa, Manabí, Ecuador
  • Kaina Isabel Barberán Murillo Universidad Estatal del Sur de Manabí, Jipijapa, Manabí, Ecuador
Keywords: nursing care, pandemic, pre-professional, practices, student experience


Nursing plays a key role in the management of services and care to guarantee the safety of patients and their professionals. This includes a diversity of care practices and initiatives arising from the new pandemic. The objective of the research was to describe the determining role of comprehensive student training for the correct management of nursing processes in the community boarding school, based on health education in the face of the current pandemic. A qualitative study was carried out, which describes the perception of four nursing interns in their rotation through the Health Center. Individual and group interviews were developed. It was evidenced that the students, during their training, have acquired abilities, skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values, in terms of biosafety measures, nursing management, and nursing care process, which allowed them to carry out the management of community nursing processes and the confrontation and combat of the pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus, based on health education for the population.


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