Impact of distributed generation in the electrical system of Ecuador


  • Edison Fabián Sumba Sumba Universidad Técnica De Manabí, Portoviejo, Ecuador
  • Angel Victor Sumba Sumba Universidad Técnica de Manabí, Portoviejo, Ecuador
  • Guillermo Antonio Loor Castillo Universidad Técnica de Manabí, Portoviejo, Ecuador
  • Jesus Alberto Pérez Rodríguez Universidad Técnica de Manabí, Portoviejo, Ecuador


benefits, distributed generation, electric systems, power, renewable energy


Decentralized generation today assumes a very important role in the stability of electric power, especially in rural areas where electric power supplied by large Power plants, is delivered to points of consumption with a poor quality of energy this due to the distance that is found, from the generation to the final consumer, the implementation of the GD is directly related to the increase in the quality of electric energy as well as providing flexibility to the electrical distribution system. The deployment of distributed generation in electricity distribution networks can potentially increase their reliability and reduce the cost of power, by installing energy sources closer to the demand or consumption points. This type of generation involves a great variety of energy sources, such as; wind, solar, hydraulic, fossil fuels, biomass, among others.


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Sumba, E. F. S., Sumba, A. V. S., Castillo, G. A. L., & Rodríguez, J. A. P. (2020). Impact of distributed generation in the electrical system of Ecuador. International Journal of Physical Sciences and Engineering, 4(1), 1-10.



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